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What is Mcafee? Today, with the rise in cyber threats and frauds, it becomes critical to have an antivirus on the system. McAfee is one such antivirus that handles the security of all the devices with its innovative and advanced technology. The threat intelligence of McAfee antivirus is the best among other available cybersecurity software. Its products work as a shield from all the advanced cyber threats and help the users to safeguard their personal information, data, images as well as their devices from the spying eyes. Using this antivirus, you can enjoy your device usage and web surfing without any tension.

With its ultimate security, McAfee has gained a huge market share. Using this software, you can enjoy the protection on not just one but multiple devices. To offer the users with a personalized experience, McAfee has designed a number of products with distinct features. A user can explore all the products and choose the one that fits perfectly with his/her needs and requirements. There are various features that make McAfee products the best for device protection. Users will get access to VPN service (Virtual Private Network), Parental Control, Password Manager, Secure Web Surfing, email protection, and much more. For accessing all the premium features, a user have to purchase the McAfee product from the official store and further perform the process.

Why Choose Mcafee?

There are multiple reasons why one should choose a McAfee antivirus over other available antiviruses. The following are some of the reasons that will help you to make the right decision and to know what McAfee has to offer its users. 

  • Ample of products to choose from

McAfee has a long list of products for both home and business users. Having ample products, helps the users to choose the one that suits them the most. 

  • Advanced Features

McAfee has designed all its products with innovative features that help the users to provide 360-degree security that they have never thought of. These products provide protection from all cyber threats.

  • Multiple-Device Protection

The security provided by McAfee can be used on multiple devices including all your devices like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Users are provided with an option to choose the number of devices they want to protect. You can protect up to 10 devices with a single subscription purchase. 

  • Availability of Free-Trial

Many users remain confused about the purchase of antivirus for their system. Hence, McAfee offers them to start with a free trial in which they don’t need to pay for using the protection. This helps the users to review the product deeply and make the right choice.

How to create my Mcafee Account?

Mcafee Account

McAfee’s account is a portal that is designed for accelerating the McAfee experience. For the smooth and seamless working of the antivirus on all your devices, it becomes important for you to manage it. For managing and for performing the activation process (, you are called to create an account with McAfee. To make it easier and quicker to create an account, we have provided the step-by-step directions below.  

  1. Start the process by launching a web browser and further enter the required URL in the address field. The URL that you ought to type is “”.
  2. This URL will take you to the official website where you have to locate and select the “Account” option. It will now expand the list and show you all the available options. 
  3. From the options, choose “My Account”.
  4. The McAfee login window will now appear. For the account creation, simply click the “Register Now” tab. 
  5. You will now get the account creation form with you. Fill in all the information such as Name, Email Address, and Password. Every field must be entered with the correct information.
    • Note: At the time of creating the password, you must be really careful and ensure that you create a powerful and distinct password.
  6. After you are done entering all the details, you are suggested to make yourself aware of the McAfee terms and conditions. For this, you are provided with the link, just below the “Re-enter Password” field. 
  7. Once you are done and ready to accept the terms, hit the “I Agree” tab. This will confirm the account creation process.

How to Download Mcafee?

Mcafee Download

To make the best use of McAfee antivirus, you have to download, install, and activate ( the subscription that you have purchased. There are multiple ways to perform the download process. For a better understanding of the download with available methods, you must look at the information provided below. 

  • Through confirmation mail

When you purchase a McAfee premium product, you will get a mail on the email address that you provide. This is the confirmation mail for your purchase and includes your product key and download link. All you need is to move to your registered email account, sign in to it, and open the mail. Then, click the link provided in it.

  • Via McAfee account

To download the McAfee subscription via McAfee account, you first have to sign in to your account. For Mcafee Login, use your linked login email address and password. In your account, you will get all the devices you have added. Make the selection for the device on which you want to download and click the link provided there.

  • Through

You can also download the McAfee product while activating your subscription via This requires you to visit the “” window and enter in your McAfee Product Key. Followed to this, you have to sign in to your account. Once you are done with that, you will get the link for the download. Click the “Install on this PC” tab and the download process will commence. 

  • Using a CD device

This is the last method you are available with. However, using a CD device does not require you to download the subscription separately. All you have to do is, insert the CD and open the folder. You will find the downloaded file in the folder. You can double-click it and begin the installation process.

How to Install Mcafee?

Install Mcafee

After downloading the McAfee Subscription, you need to install it on your system. As the installation process varies with the operating system, hence, the procedures for both OS are mentioned below.


The installation of McAfee subscription on a windows device is quite easy and quick. You just need to look for the downloaded file and double-click it. As you click, you will get the popup box asking for your permission to run the application and make the required changes. To proceed further, you have to grant permission. The installation wizard will now prompt. You will find the “Install” tab in the initial window. Click the tab and the process will begin. Wait until the process is in the “In Progress” status.  After the completion, restart your system and you are done. 


If you are a Mac user, then you have to locate the file in your system and double-click it. Doing so, you will get the installer on your screen that you need to click to move ahead. A dialog box will now prompt asking you to enter your administrator’s username and password. Enter the details carefully. Now, in the initial window of the wizard, you will find a field to enter in your serial number. Carefully type in each character of the number or simply copy-paste it to avoid errors. As you do so, the installation process will commence. The progress bar will be available in the wizard that will help you to review the process. Wait until the process gets completed without switching the tabs and closing the wizard. When the process comes to an end, the completion message will prompt on your screen. Hit the “Finish” tab and complete the process.

How to Activate Mcafee via

Mcafee Activate

Every user is required to carry out the process to enjoy the premium features. McAfee offers several products that include a number of features that a user has to purchase by paying for it. Once a user purchases a subscription, he/she has to perform process in order to get access to the features. To get the guidance for performing the activation process (, you have to go through the given process. 

  1. To commence the activation process, you have to visit the McAfee Activate window. To reach there, type the “” URL into the address bar. 
  2. When you type the URL and hit the Enter key, you will be moved to the required window. 
  3. In the window, you will get an empty field where you have to enter your activation code. Now, you must have to code with you to proceed ahead. To get the code, you have to either move to your McAfee account or access the confirmation mail. 
  4. Once you get code, come back to the window and insert the code in the field. However, you are suggested to copy-paste the code instead of entering it manually to prevent errors. 
  5. As you are done with entering the code, hit the “Submit” tab.  
  6. The next window will ask you to log in to your McAfee account. Enter the relevant details and proceed further. However, if you are still not registered, then you have to create an account right there. 
  7. The last window of the will provide you the download link. In case you want to download and install the subscription on your device, then click the link provided and complete the process with the help of on-screen instructions.

How do I change my McAfee account password?

A password is a self-created code that is needed to protect your account from forbidden access and loss of information. The growth in technology has raised the hackers too. Nowadays, hacking an account, financial frauds, identity frauds, etc. have raised massively. To get protected from unauthorized access and other frauds, you are required to secure your account with a strong, unrepeated, and exclusive password. Along with this, you must keep changing your password for better security. 

If you are a McAfee user and you too want to change your password, then you can take the help of a given process. This will guide you to create a new password for your account. 

  1. First and foremost, you have to access your McAfee Account. For this, move to the login window and enter your registered credentials. 
  2. Once you reach your account, look for the “My Account” option and place your cursor over it. 
  3. The drop-down list will now come into view. Select the “My Profile” option from it. 
  4. Your account details will now appear. On the top, you will get the Account information beside which an “Update” button will be available. 
  5. Click the “Update” button and enter a new passcode for your account. If asked then start by entering your old password. 
  6. While you create a new password, make sure it complies with all the McAfee password requirements. It must be a mix of special characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. 
  7. Once you are done with creating a new password, confirm the process, and enjoy better protection.

How to renew McAfee subscription via

McAfee subscription

The duration of McAfee subscription might vary with the products. Once your subscription period gets over, you are required to get it renewed. This is needed for enjoying a continous access to all the premium features. However, it is recommended to renew the subscription even before it expires. 

Note: Renewal of the McAfee subscription does not require you to install and activate ( the product. Installation is a one-time process and is not required every time you renew your subscription. 

To make the renewal process easy and convenient, McAfee has enrolled all its products with the Auto-Renewal program. This is an easy step that asks you to save your payment details i.e. your card details in your account and turn on the Auto-Renewal settings. Doing so, you will get notified a month before your subscription is going to expire. When needed, McAfee will automatically get billed and your subscription gets renewed. This is a hassle-free process for the renewal that helps you to enjoy endless protection without making extra efforts. 

However, if you are not interested in opting for auto-renewal service, then you can do it manually. To renew your subscription manually, you have to move to your McAfee account. Then, move and put your cursor over “My Account”. After that, select Subscription> Renew. Followed to this, select and provide the billing information and complete the payment successfully.

How to Reinstall Mcafee?

Reinstall Mcafee

The reinstallation of software is an ultimate and highly used troubleshooting step. At times, while using a McAfee or any other software, you might face several issues in its working. In order to resolve the error, you are suggested to reinstall the application on your system. For a better understanding of the process, take a look at the below-provided procedure. 

  • Uninstallation

The reinstallation process starts with removing the already installed Mcafee software from your system. You must carefully remove all the files from your device. Including McAfee products, you must remove another third-party antivirus too. 

  • Download and Run the Pre-Install Tool

The next step of the process is to download the pre-install tool from the official website of McAfee. This tool helps you in preparing your system for the installation process and to enjoy a smooth and error-free installation. Once you are done with the download, run the file and wait for it to make all the necessary changes.

  • Install the McAfee Product

Later to this, you need to download and install the McAfee product that you have purchased earlier. If you need help with the process of download or install, you must check the information provided above.

  • Activation (

The final step of the reinstallation is to activate your McAfee subscription. For this, you must have the product key with you. This key will be the one that you get at the time of subscription purchase. Once you get the key, move to the activation window using the “” URL and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How to redeem Mcafee retail card using

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